Lose Weight Without Exercise

Are you looking for a way to lose weight without exercise? There’s nothing wrong with exercising, but it’s a good idea to live in a way that makes it possible to lose weight without exercise. If you do happen to work out, it […]

Food And Mood

Food and mood are interrelated in many ways. The saying you are what you eat is true on many levels. Not only do our food choices affect us physically, they affect us mentally as well. Our mood affects our food choices and our food choices […]

Paleo Hummus

You no longer have to find a substitute for chickpeas in your paleo hummus. Contrary to early Paleo dogma, it appears that our ancestors did in fact consume legumes. Dr. Stephan Guyenet cleared this up in an article he wrote titled […]

Are Legumes Paleo

Many people wonder are legumes paleo. The Paleo dogma on legumes is that they are not paleo and are forbidden. However, many people today use the word Paleo to describe any diet that focuses on the foods our grandparents ate while avoiding any mass produced […]

Diet Challenge

Every year we get invited to join a diet challenge. It’s an opportunity to mingle with social media friends who have something in common and it sounds like a fun idea. Going on a diet challenge with a group ensures there will be lots of […]

Balanced Diet

It is important to have a balanced diet to make sure you have an optimum amount of energy and to provide the nutrients your body needs to repair itself and avoid illness. Women have different requirements than men for a balanced diet as […]

Misleading Food Labels

Today’s consumers are health conscious and many of them are concerned about misleading food labels. More people are taking the time to read food labels to compare foods and decide which product they should buy. Our food manufacturers know this and they’ve been […]

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Several different variations of high fructose corn syrup are available and each contains a different proportion of fructose to glucose.

The most concentrated form is HFCS 90 and this version contains 90 percent fructose.

In a recent study with mice, high fructose corn syrup proved to be […]

Is Belly Fat Worse Than Other Fat

Is belly fat worse than other fat? Any type of excess body fat is bad for your health, but it appears that location may matter just a much when it comes to body fat as it does when buying real estate and visceral fat is […]

Convenience Kills

A fairly constant pattern we see among overweight and obese individuals is the habit of eating out. Many people today don’t like to cook and they eat less than half their meals at home. This convenience kills and can lead to food addiction as you […]