This is a review for the KitchenAid® Ultra Power™ Tilt-Head Mixer. We have been using our KitchenAid mixer for five years and have never regretted buying it. The Ultra Power model is a medium-powered model with 300 watts of power which makes it suitable for performing heavier tasks like kneading dough and grinding meats. The power hub allows the use of 15 optional attachments from a food grinder to a pasta maker, consequently, this can be a versatile machine in your kitchen.

The Ultra Power line features a 300 Watt motor. We wouldn’t suggest buying one with a smaller motor, because the larger motor is better suited to more intensive tasks, like kneading and grinding. The Ultra Power series is available in 10 bright designer colors, so it is easy to pick one that will complement your color scheme.


KitchenAid Mixer Features

Power Hub

The power hub feature turns your mixer into a culinary center. 15 optio