Are you looking for a way to lose weight without exercise? There’s nothing wrong with exercising, but it’s a good idea to live in a way that makes it possible to lose weight without exercise. If you do happen to work out, it can only help, but it won’t be necessary to do it.

For years we’ve been told that the only way to lose weight is to eat less and do more. This is based on the assumption that the only reason people gain weight is because of consuming too many calories. While it’s true that consuming more calories than you expend can lead to weight gain, it’s much more complicated than that.

We can prove this by noticing how different foods affect our metabolism in different ways. Calories are not all the same because they don’t all have the same effect on the body. Take two groups of children and feed one of them 500 calories of broccoli and feed the other group 500 calories of sugar and watch what happens.

Were you to carry on this experiment over a long period of time, the group that consumes high glycemic food (sugar) will put on a lot of excess weight, while the other group will not.

High glycemic foods cause bigger insulin spikes than other foods and the result is that more glucose gets stored as fat. This will happen even when the exact same number of calories are consumed.

Some foods are also less satiating, which means you will get hungry and want more food sooner than you would had you eaten something else. That’s why counting calories is not the best way to go about losing weight. Cutting out some calories will have a much bigger impact than cutting out others. Since we’re after results, let’s go about this in an intelligent way.


10 Ways To Lose Weight Without Exercise

A lot of people are under the impression that it takes a lot of work and sweat to lose weight. However, you can lose weight without exercise simply by eating differently. That’s not the same thing as eating less. Crash diets that have you cut back on how much you eat only set you up for failure down the road.

Your body goes into famine survival mode when you eat less. It starts conserving energy and storing more fat even while you eat less. When you go back to eating the same amount you used to, you’re in for a big disappointment.

To lose weight without exercise, you need to eat different – not less. This article will walk you through some easy to follow examples and show you 10 ways to lose weight without exercise.


Eat More Protein

Studies show that eating protein can increase fat burning and reduce hunger. It’s one way to lose weight without exercise, leading to automatic weight loss. Protein also increases satiety which means you will feel full longer after a meal. (1)

In fact, studies show that protein boosts metabolism more than any other macronutrient. It requires 25 percent more energy to digest protein than it does to digest carbs. That means eating protein instead of carbs will automatically help you to lose weight without exercise. Your body has to work harder to digest any protein, be it meat, plant or fish, than it does to digest carbs like bread or pasta.

Protein does not spike insulin like carbs do, so you it will not convert to fat as easily.

Breakfast is a good place to start. Studies have shown that you can lose fat by eating eggs in the morning instead of bagels or cereal. One study of 30 overweight or obese women found that the ones that ate eggs in the morning ended up eating less at lunch and even for up to a few days! (2)


Eat More Fat

People in North America tend to get off to a really bad start first thing in the morning. If it’s not coffee and a muffin, we start the day with cereal and low-fat milk, banana slices, orange juice and a coffee with milk and sugar. What’s worse is that many people think of this as a better choice than eggs and bacon because it is low fat.

Today we know it’s not fat that makes you fat; it’s usually the excess carbs that get converted to fat after a meal. Other than the milk, the typical breakfast contains no protein and no fat.

Fat is essential for normal growth and development. Dietary fat also provides energy and helps maintain cell membranes. Fat helps the body absorb vitamins and protein. But remember not all fatty foods are equally good for you. A diet of fatty foods like pizza, french fries and hamburgers can contribute to weight gain and chronic health problems. But it’s not the fat in these foods that causes the health problems, it’s the overall quality and nutritional content of these foods that’s to blame.

Try to get your fats from unsaturated sources like fish, seeds, nuts, leafy vegetables, olive oil and avocados. Besides removing LDL cholesterol from the arteries and promoting a healthier heart, unsaturated fat can help you burn fat without cutting calories.

You need to eat healthy fat to help your body burn the fat that’s stored in the tissues around the belly, thighs and butt. Dietary fat helps break down existing fat by activating PPAR-alpha and fat-burning pathways through the liver. Your body also wants to hold onto your existing fat if you don’t have enough in your diet. Once your body knows it is getting a consistent source of external fat from your diet, it will let go of the fat it is currently holding.

Finally, fat slows down the digestion of food. Anything that slows down the rate of digestion helps with weight loss in several ways.


How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

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Cut Back On High Glycemic Carbs

We see a lot of conflicting opinions when it comes to dieting, but the one thing that more experts agree on than any other, is that the best way to lose weight is to reduce your intake of carbohydrates. It’s the most common approach used by physicians who treat obese patients.

Studies show that when people cut back on carbs, they typically consume fewer calories overall. It’s a very effective way to lose weight without exercise. I would improve on this recommendation a bit by suggesting that you focus on reducing the high glycemic carbs in your diet. While it is true that reducing any carbohydrate should help you lose weight, why not go for the best results by reducing your intake of sugars and foods that convert to sugar quickly (high glycemic carbs).

Sugar and foods that convert to sugar quickly cause a spike in insulin and any excess calories get stored as fat. Bread, pastas and cereal also lead to overeating and binging because they don’t satiate and because of the insulin reaction. After insulin does its job of storing that extra sugar as fat, guess what happens? Your blood sugar drops and you are back in low-blood sugar space. And guess what you’ll crave then? More sugar!

Eat More Fiber

Eating high fiber, low energy density foods is another way to feel more satisfied with fewer calories. Reducing calories without eating less is the trick to lasting weight loss. An example would be eating a vegetable like celery. Celery has a high water content and a lot of fiber. Eating high fiber vegetables like celery will help you feel full without contributing a lot of calories to your diet.

More fiber will also help to lower the glycemic load of your meal. This will slow down the absorption rate and reduces insulin spikes. It’s another sure-fire way to lose weight without exercise. Studies show that dieters who eat less energy dense foods lose more weight than those who eat high energy density foods. (3)

Use A Smaller Plate

Try using a slightly smaller plate to eat on. It’s a fact that a plate that is full will satisfy you on a psychological level before you even sit down to eat. A large plate that looks empty will have the opposite effect.

The plate provides a physical cue. Your mind will start to register that you’ve had enough to eat as you see the plate get emptied. A small plate full of food simply feels more satisfying than a large plate with the same amount of food on it.

The same goes for bowls, cups, and spoons. Try savoring a bowl of fruit with a small spoon rather than a large one. Not only will the pleasure last longer, your body also has time to register the amount of food you’ve eaten.

Eat Slowly And Chew Your Food More

Take the time to enjoy your food. Rushing through a meal without taking the time to enjoy the flavors leads to eating bigger servings. Eating more slowly lowers the glycemic effect of the meal which means a lower insulin response and less fat getting stored. When you take more time to eat, it allows your brain to register how much food you’ve eaten. The exact opposite happens when you just shovel the food in without appreciating what it is you’re eating and how much you’ve just eaten.

Drink More Water

It’s well known that you will eat a bit less if you drink a glass of water before the meal. The salt in your meal will also help your body to absorb the water rather than letting it just run through you. A bit of salt is not a bad thing when it comes to water!

The electrolytes in salt help push water into the cells where the electrolytes are needed. People typically notice a spike in energy when they are well hydrated. You will be less likely to crave more food shortly after the meal as well.

Avoid Crash Diets

Avoid crash diets. A common mistake made by dieters is to skip meals or eat a bit less when they want to lose weight. I know from personal experience that eating less will not likely result in long term weight loss. You might lose a bit in the short run, but most people gain it back in very little time.

Portion control does not work and here’s why:

People eat less thinking that the body will start to burn fat because of eating fewer calories. But eating less doesn’t make the body burn body fat. It actually does the opposite. Your body will slow down and will start to conserve body fat because it feels there could be a long-term food shortage in the near future. It will start to burn muscle tissue and this will only worsen the underlying cause of obesity.

It’s called famine survival mode and it’s a self-preservation mechanism that works at the subconscious level. When your body thinks you might be starving, it decides to hang onto fat for life-saving purposes and it will try to pack away more fat even while you are eating less.
Your metabolism will slow down as your body goes into high efficiency mode and it begins to function on fewer calories.

Guess what happens when you go back to eating regular-sized portions? You guessed it. You will regain any weight you have lost and you will put on a few extra pounds. Why? Because your body needs fewer calories now as it runs in a more efficient mode than it did before you started eating less.

The little bit of weight you lost was muscle and the weight you’re putting back on is all fat!

Move Every Chance You Can

Don’t resist the urge to get up and walk around a bit when it strikes. Remember the acronym NEAT. NEAT is short for non-exercise activity thermogenesis. It’s energy that we use up for everything we do besides sleep, eat, and exercise. Any NEAT-related activity speeds up your metabolism and burns calories. Walk around while you talk on the phone or between various activities. It all adds up and it’s good for your health. We all need to move more!

Manage Sleep And Stress

Sleep and stress are two things that have rippling effects due to how they affect your hormones. Too little sleep is one of the biggest risk factors for obesity. (4)

Lack of sleep affects the hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin. Once your appetite is affected you start to make different food choices. These different food choices are usually poor food choices that are not to your benefit when it comes to your weight. Unfortunately, the impact of these poor food choices adds up over time.

Excess stress also leads to increased levels of the hormone cortisol and increased levels of cortisol are known to increase the accumulation of belly fat.

Staying up late or falling asleep on the couch when you should be in bed makes it more likely that you will eat more late-night snacks. Snacking on the wrong foods is one of the biggest contributors to weight gain. Late night snacks are usually not the kind of food that promotes weight loss. Put those chips back and go to bed!


How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

The ELH DIET is custom made for people who want to lose weight without exercise. It’s easy to follow and it works for everyone. The book walks you through 3 easy stages in a step by step fashion. Click the link below to get your copy now!


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