Several different variations of high fructose corn syrup are available and each contains a different proportion of fructose to glucose.

The most concentrated form is HFCS 90 and this version contains 90 percent fructose.

In a recent study with mice, high fructose corn syrup proved to be more harmful to females than it is to males.

Since it only takes one quarter teaspoon of sugar to take your blood level from a normal range to a diabetic blood sugar level, you need to know about the sweeteners that are in your food supply.

Many processed foods and prepared foods are sweetened with HFCS rather than regular sugar. It’s cheap and it mixes well and stays in suspension better than sugar does. It is not as benign as many would have you believe and my second book, High Fructose Corn Syrup: Evil Twin or a Safe Option discusses added sugars in detail. It’s available on #amazon here.

Public opinion has been swayed lately due to the fact that many of the earlier studies of high fructose corn syrup used very high doses. As a result, most of these studies are now being ignored and the general consensus is that sugar is just as bad as HFCS.

However, a recent study published by The American Society For Nutrition has shown that the risk of cardiovascular mortality is positively associated with consumption of high fructose corn syrup.